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Looking for After the Deadline libraries and extensions? Try GitHub!

Posted in News by Michelle Weber on September 13, 2013

Good news! We’ve put several After the Deadline libraries and extensions on GitHub for your hacking pleasure. As we announced previously, we’re no longer supporting the browser extensions and libraries, but we know there are developers who have ideas (and code) for updating and improving them. Now, you can fork them on GitHub.

The atd-server repository is still available on Subversion for now (it’s got too many big binaries for GitHub). Check out the overview page for information on the AtD Server distribution and source code. We’ll also continue running our After the Deadline server for personal and low-volume users.

For those of you eager to play with After the Deadline, we’ve got a useful collection of developer resources on the main After the Deadline site. There’s also a Google Group, if you’d like to connect with others.

(Although we’re no longer supporting them, you can continue to use the After the Deadline extensions for Chrome, Firefox, and OpenOffice, available in their respective stores. Self-hosted WordPress bloggers will find it built in to Jetpack. If and when other developers create new versions based on forks of the GitHub projects, we’ll happily link to them..)

Happy hacking!

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