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Have you installed Jetpack yet?

Posted in HOWTO by Michelle Weber on February 20, 2013

In our last post, we let you know that we’d no longer be supporting After the Deadline browser extensions — you can still use AtD, just within WordPress itself rather than through a browser.  If your site is on, you’re all set; you’ve got a “proofread” button right in your post and page editors.

But what if you’re prone to typos and running a self-hosted WordPress blog? Easy: Jetpack.

Jetpack is the Swiss army knife of plugins: it’s a multipurpose plugin that gives your self-hosted WordPress site two dozen of the most popular features of By hooking your site into the cloud, it lets you have the best of both worlds: power and ease with flexibility.

Why are we going on about Jetpack on the After the Deadline blog? Simple: installing Jetpack gives you AtD, right there in your post editor, so you can check your work no matter where you’re publishing. And if that isn’t enough, consider some of the other features it includes:

  • Tiled photo galleries, so you can create elegant, magazine-style mosaic layouts with a few clicks.
  • Shortcode embeds to speed up the process of inserting multimedia.
  • Comments that let readers respond to you using their, Facebook, or Twitter login.
  • Notifications and stats to help you manage everything from one simple toolbar.
  • Sharing tools to take your content from stand-alone post to viral sensation.

That’s just the tip of the jetpack – check out for a full features list. Best of all, this can all be yours for the low, low price of zero dollars, and with only one plugin to install.

Remember, if you still want to pitch in with the development and maintenance of browser-specific After the Deadline extensions, the main AtD site has tons of developer resources. But if you just want to make sure you never publish another “teh” (at least, accidentally), then Jetpack’s your plugin.

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Looking for After the Deadline? It’s in there!

Posted in News by Michelle Weber on December 4, 2012

It’s been a few years since we launched After the Deadline, and it’s helped millions of bloggers put their best feet forward with clean, error-free copy.

If you’re a user you’ve got After the Deadline technology built right in to your site, although you might just know it as the “proofread” button in your visual editor. If you’ve got a self-hosted site, then you have After the Deadline as part of the suite of features in the Jetpack plugin.

(You do have Jetpack installed, right? No? Go ahead and do that, we’ll wait.)

If After the Deadline proofreading is something you rely on when publishing, we encourage you to use the built-in tool or install Jetpack — while there are extensions for Chrome, Firefox and Open Office available, Automattic will no longer be supporting those as of the end of this month.

Luckily, After the Deadline and all its extensions are completely open source. If you’re a developer with a yen for good grammar, why not lend a hand in its future growth? There are lots of developer resources on the main After the Deadline site, as well as an active Google Group for folks who want to pitch in or figure out how to add After the Deadline to their projects. (If you’re not already a part of Google Groups, join up and then search for “ATD” to find them.) We appreciate everyone who’s already taken the time to contribute, and look forward to see where you’ll take After the Deadline next.

Happy proofing!

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