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1 Dec 09 WordPress Weekly Podcast

This is a virtual event, Jeff from will be asking about AtD, its origins, and life at Automattic. You can get your questions to Jeff and even dial in to participate live.

Where: Online, dial in to participate
When: 8PM EST

9 Dec 09 Washington PHP Group


Raphael Mudge from Automattic (think is coming to talk to us about After the Deadline – a software service that uses artificial intelligence to check spelling, style, and grammar in web applications. The entire package (including the server) is open source and front-end plugins exist for jQuery and TinyMCE. In his talk Raphael will demonstrate the technology, give us an overview of how it works, talk about how they use it on, and show us how we can use After the Deadline in our applications.

Where: Greenpeace HQ at 702 H St NW, Washington DC
When: 7PM EST

10 Dec 09 Washington Tech Meetup

“As always we will be discussing the hottest topics in the web 2.0 / 3.0.” — I’ll be giving a 10-15 minute demonstration of After the Deadline at this Meetup.

Where: Ellicott Mills Brewing Company
When: 6:30PM EST

16 Dec 09 Baltimore PHP Meetup


For the December meetup, Raphael Mudge from Automattic (WordPress, Akismet, IntenseDebate, Gravatar, and others) will join us to talk about After the Deadline (AtD). AtD is a software service that gives web applications word processor quality tools to check spelling, misused words, style, and grammar. The entire stack (including the server) is open source. Raphael will talk about After the Deadline and how you can add these tools to your application.

Where: OmniTI, Columbia MD
When: 6:30PM EST

21 Jan 10 Washington DC CiviCRM Meetup

31 Mar 10 Washington DC WordPress Meetup

Will Speak for Hugs

I’m based out of Washington, DC and for smaller events happy to travel within that area to show people that spell checkers aren’t all bad and to promote After the Deadline. I have three messages related to AtD and can tailor any mix of them to your audience:

  • Audience: WordPress Users
    • AtD is available to the WordPress community through and a plugin. Speaking to WordPress users: I can deliver a message of hope, spell checking doesn’t have to be bad.
  • Audience: Developers
    • The AtD server is open source with jQuery and TinyMCE front-end extensions to add it to an application. It’s easy. Speaking to developers: I can demonstrate how to add AtD to their web app or CMS making their software a better place for writers.
  • Audience: NLP Hackers
    • I mentioned that AtD is open source, right? There is some neat technology under the hood of this thing. Speaking to NLP hackers I can show the inner workings of a production system using all that taught in NLP and Computational Linguistic courses. It’s fun for the whole family.

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