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AtD at the DC CiviCRM Meetup

Posted in Talking to myself by rsmudge on January 22, 2010

Washington, DC is full of non-profit organizations, advocacy groups, and NGOs. Last night I had a chance to meet with a group of CiviCRM enthusiasts. CiviCRM is an open source tool to help non-profits manage their donors. My goal was to spread the AtD love and talk about how one could add grammar and spell checking to their installation.

The instructions to add AtD to CiviCRM are:

  1. Extract atd-ckeditor.tgz into civicrm/packages/ckeditor/plugins
      I just noticed, the slides are wrong, it has to go into the plugins directory
  2. Edit civicrm/packages/HTML/QuickForm/ckeditor.php and follow slide 23.
  3. Run the Open Source AtD Service (it’s RAM hungry)
  4. Edit civicrm/packages/ckeditor/plugins/atd-ckeditor/proxy.php to point to your AtD server.

As you can see, it requires some hacking but it is possible. The same process for adding AtD to an app like CiviCRM is also possible for other applications as well. AtD has front-end components for TinyMCE, jQuery, and CKEditor.

The slides are here:

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