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Python Bindings for AtD

Posted in News by rsmudge on September 15, 2009

Miguel Ventura has been kind enough to contribute Python bindings for After the Deadline.  You can get them at:

Here is how you use them:

import ATD
ATD.setDefaultKey("your API key")
errors = ATD.checkDocument("Looking too the water. Fixing your writing typoss.")
for error in errors:
 print "%s error for: %s **%s**" % (error.type, error.precontext, error.string)
 print "some suggestions: %s" % (", ".join(error.suggestions),)

Expected output:

grammar error for: Looking **too the**
some suggestions: to the
spelling error for: writing **typoss**
some suggestions: typos

These bindings are available under an MIT license. If you’d like to contribute AtD bindings for another programming language or program visit our AtD Developer Resources page to learn more about the XML API.

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